DO-330 Understanding: Software Tool Qualification Considerations

DO-330 is a set of considerations which can also be used outside airborne and ground based avionics systems.  It is not a supplement DO-178C & DO-278A like DO-331, 223, and 333.

DO-330 was developed for the following reasons:

  • Tools are different from the software developed using the tools and form a unique domain; therefore, tool-specific guidance for both tool developers and tool users is needed.
  • Tools are often developed by teams other than those who use the tools to develop software. Typically, these tool development teams do not have software guidance backgrounds. Having a tool specific document helps tool development teams avoid confusion and misinterpretation.
  • DO-330 provides tool-specific guidance for building airborne and ground-based software. It may also be used by other domains such as automotive, space, systems, electronic hardware, aeronautical databases, and safety processes.

DO-330 clarifies the tool qualification objectives necessary for tools that are being used for certified avionics software development and removes any grey areas in DO-178B by providing specific guidance for tool qualification.

In the paper, “DO-330: Software Tool Qualification and Considerations,” major activities in  are outlined, along with a description of the impact on the industry, and the relationship with DO-178C.

For more information and to request the full DO-330 Overview Whitepaper, please visit Consunova’s website.

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