ConsuNova Webinar: Avionics Project Estimation Strategies

Accurate estimates are one of the most critical aspects of successful avionics projects. Without them (and the data that backs them up), you won’t know what the right direction is for you, your team or your project. With them, you get a comprehensive plan that allows you to ensure efficient execution and best manage potential risks. So, if you don’t like massive delays, unforeseen costs, or complete project failures, then join our webinar! 
In ConsuNova’s upcoming webinar, Avionics Project Estimation Strategies, Martin Beeby, Head of Advanced Avionics Systems at ConsuNova, and Reza Madjidi, CEO and FAA DER at ConsuNova, will share key processes and lessons learned during their 25+ years in project estimation with the world’s preeminent avionics organizations.

A few key topics include: 

  • Project Metrics strategies to aid high level estimations.
  • Industry Best Practices in DO-254 and DO-178C Project Certification Setup.
  • Early thinking of your Avionics Toolchain and costs.
  • And much more!

The session begins at 8 am PST (GMT-7) on Tuesday, September 14, so don’t wait! Click here to learn more and register today.

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