ConsuNova Training: DO-178C & DO-254: Oct 27-29, Gatwick/UK

We are thrilled to bring back our live avionics training this fall!

To celebrate the return of our in-person instruction, we’re combining two of the most fundamental topics in avionics, DO-178C and D0-254. This upcoming 3-day course runs October 27-29 and combines hands-on workshops and Q&A sessions to give you practical knowledge and wide-ranging expertise for any aerospace project need, regardless of size or scope.

Topics will include:

  • DO-178C Structural Coverage & DO-254 Elemental Analysis
  • WCET and Multi-core (CAST-32A) Issues (AMC 20-193)
  • AEH Compliance to AMC 20-152A
  • DO-254 COTS Compliance
  • DO-330 Tool Qualification
  • DO-254 and DO-178C Compliance Audits and SOIs- ARP 4754A & ARP 4761 DAL Determination

  • Optimized Avionics Planning (DO-178C, DO-254)
  • Avionics Lifecycle Modeling into Compliance Plans
  • Avionics Metrics and Project Estimation
  • Avionics Requirements & Design Workshop
  • Software and Hardware Verification

All attendees will receive the following:

  • Printed Copy of Training Materials
  • PSAC or PHAC Template
  • Requirements Review Checklist

Please note: if in-person events are cancelled as a result of new restrictions from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this training will be performed virtually and all attendees will receive the same materials and lesson plan.

So, if you’re ready to reach new heights with your avionics projects, click here and register today!

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