Combined DO-178C Training and DO-330 Training Nov 2019

Applying Optimized DO-178C Practices 


1- DO-178C Design Assurance and Relationship with ARP-4754A/4761.
2- DO-178C PSAC explanation in detailed.
3- Optimized DO-178C process planning (SDP and impact Lifecycle decisions).
4- DO-178C Development Process, Traceability & Development Best Practices.
5- Explanation of DO-178C Testing and Structural Coverage and how to craft SVP.
6- Impact of DO-178C Integral Process (SCMP and SQAP).
7- DO-178C Industry Facts and Compliance cost drivers.
8- Differences and Challenges between DO-178B and DO-178C.


Understand and Fine-tune DO-178C Engineering Challenges

1- Parameter Data Items and Requirement Workshop.
2- DO-178C Data Coupling & Control Coupling Analysis by test.
3- Reducing Administrative Overhead for DO-178C Code Coverage
4- Optimized coverage of DO-178C Worst-Case Execution Time Objectives (WCET).
5- Multicore Timing Analysis in DO-178C (CAST 32A Explained with Case Study).
6- DO-330 Tool Qualification (options and challenges).
7- Understand DO-178C Audits Criteria, timing and success factors.
8- Final DO-178C compliance packaging (SAS, SCI, and Problem Reporting).



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