Avionics Certification Course

Check out our upcoming avionics certification and training course! Classes run June 27 through July 1.

The amount of topics and dense details in avionics certification combined with the need for tangible application of engineering concepts means that just reading manuals and articles will never be enough to keep your aircraft knowledge “flying high.” 

That’s why we’re hosting a comprehensive five-day interactive online avionics certification course.

Topics include:

DAY 1:
– Understand ARP 4754A & ARP 4761 DAL Determination
– SAE ARP 4754A Certification Considerations
– ARP 4761 Functional Hazard Assessment
– ARP 4761 Safety Assessment Process: PSSA & SSA

DAY 2:
– Avionics Configuration Management Process
– Avionics Quality Assurance Process

DAY 3:
– DO-178C PSAC and DO-254 PHAC Setup and Recommendations
– DO-178C & DO-254 Development Lifecycle Process & Objectives
– Development Standard Requirements 

DAY 4:
– Software and Hardware Verification Lifecycle Process
– DO-178C Structural Coverage & DO-254 Elemental Analysis
– WCET and Multi-core (CAST-32A) Issues (AMC 20-193)

DAY 5:
– DO-330 Tool Qualification
– DO-254 and DO-178C Compliance Audits and SOIs 

You can sign up for a specific topic or day that best suits your project or discipline’s need or the full weeklong course and save even more on your registration. Check out the full pricing list below for more details.


– $300 for each day / person
– $500 for any 2 days / person
– $800 for any 3 days / person
– $1200 for all 5 days / person


+ Sign up before June 1 and receive 20% off!
+ 25% off 2 attendees from same company!
+ 30% off 4 attendees from same company!
Don’t miss this chance to experience interactive training sessions, engaging scenario reviews, and dedicated open Q&A time, from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, as an attendee, you’ll be granted access to the ConsuNova Training Portal for 6 months. Our portal includes downloadable documents and instruction materials, on-demand recordings of current and past classes, checklist and review templates, and much more.

Click here to visit our training page and register today!

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