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DO-178C and DO-254 Engineering
  • adviceGEAR is the world’s first Avionics Library and Blog, full of practical advice from working experts in their fields.
  • Every blogger has been permitted to use this site under the following conditions:
  • No Advertising, No Recruiting.
  • No promotion of a website / product /service you own or are commercially linked with.
  • Absolutely no bad language, personal attacks on another member, trolling, flaming or other behavior designed to upset the community.
  • In the interest of all members do not discuss politics or religion.
  • Do not copy content from other websites for redisplay here. A very small snippet of an article followed by a link to the original article may be acceptable.
  • You are not permitted to have multiple accounts.
  • You may not post any content (graphics, text, photos) that are not owned in copyright by you.
  • The administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove, not remove, edit, move or close any user account, forum post, blog entry or other user-generated content at any time should they see fit.
  • Questioning an administrator’s or moderator’s decision in public is not permitted. If you would like to dispute a decision, then do it in a private Conversation only.
  • By visiting adviceGEAR you agree that all information posted is to be acted upon at your own risk and the administrators, moderators or webmaster will not be held liable for damage, injury or losses consequent or in relation with the use of this information.
  • While these rules cover a lot it is impossible to imagine every possible issue that may arise. Accordingly, we reserve the right to act upon unforeseen issues in a manner that is best for the community. The adviceGEAR rules will be periodically updated to cover these unforeseen issues.
  • These rules are subject to change without prior warning. If you miss a new rule you will be informed via an Inbox Conversation should you break it. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back periodically in case there are changes.
  • Prove you are an honest and hardworking engineer, and request to become one of our top editors.

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