ConsuNova Webinar: Avionics Project Estimation Strategies

Accurate estimates are one of the most critical aspects of successful avionics projects. Without them (and the data that backs them up), you won’t know what the right direction is for you, your team or your project. With them, you get a comprehensive plan that allows you to ensure efficient execution and best manage potential risks. So, if you don’t like massive delays, unforeseen costs, or complete project failures, then join our webinar!  In ConsuNova’s upcoming webinar, Avionics Project Estimation Strategies, Martin Beeby, Head of Advanced Avionics Systems at ConsuNova, and Reza Madjidi, CEO and FAA DER at ConsuNova, will share key Continue Reading > > >

Preparing for Growth: How DO254 Will help You Meet Future Demands

Chock-full of market fluctuations, the unusual series of unfortunate events of 2020 have affected the financial forecasts of every industry and business. Though those forecasts have been revised and re-revised throughout the year, it’s clear that a 2021 (and beyond) rebound is expected in most markets, and aerospace is no exception. Prior to Covid, average growth was expected to be around 2% a year for the next 20 years. Though it’s true that efforts from virtually every nation on Earth have created short term slow downs, virtually all of the industries and services that support the aerospace market are projected to rise in 2021 as the Continue Reading > > >

How ARP 4754A Can Help Us Reopen Safely

Stressful. Unprecedented. Downright annoying.   Countless, occasionally more colorful words have been used to describe the (as of this article’s publication) ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, though likely everyone would agree that this global crisis has been, in a word, “disruptive.” After ~6 months of disruption, people are just now going back to their places of business, education and recreation, and hopefully starting the return to an “old normal.” For organizations and institutions around the world, a meticulously detailed and well-crafted plan that helps everyone get “back to work” safely is the mission critical asset of reopening and returning to pre-Covid time. That’s Continue Reading > > >

Top Four Reasons You Need DO-254 Training

Modern aircraft are wondrous feats of engineering that make use of complex networks of components, systems and materials. To ensure these machines can safely carry people and property across the globe, their hardware systems must be carefully designed, evaluated and certified before becoming a “live” part of the system of systems that is an airplane. That’s where DO-254 comes in to play.   DO-254 is an objective-driven and process-oriented safety standard used to evaluate the simple, advanced and complex electronics in aircraft. We’ve covered the full range of processes and procedures that make up DO-254 guidelines in other articles, so, in this piece we address how and why the standard is Continue Reading > > >