The Aircraft System Safety Assessment in Four Steps

There’s a lot to consider when developing and engineering aircraft. All those considerations come with a lot of QA and analysis. If only more people knew how many assessments like these occurred, fear of flying would be a thing of the past. Ultimately, all the trials and tests come down to ensuring safe, reliable flights, no matter the conditions, cargo, or crew. For aircraft systems specifically, the multistep process gets lengthy and difficult to navigate at times. So, we developed a four-step review covering the key milestones in aircraft system safety assessment, centered around the primary standard, ARP-4761A. First, a Continue Reading > > >

The Most Common DO-254 Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

In our 20+ years in avionics and aerospace engineering, we’ve rarely seen an organization easily and quickly build and certify a project to DO-254 standards. That’s no surprise; DO-254 is vague, ironically software-centric, and complex. In truth, DO-254 is rarely cost-effective in its first usage, however, the competitive landscape of avionics, both commercial and military, is just that: competitive and focused upon long-term cost effectiveness and continual safety. Meaning, if you know DO-254, you have a key advantage over your competition. But how do you know what to expect with such an elusive guideline? What mistakes and complications can come Continue Reading > > >