DO-331 Model-Based Design for DO-178C Project Verification

Last week, we talked about the “pudding” of DO-178C projects. That, of course, being the implementation stage of a DO-178C guided avionics software project. We touched on establishing implementation decisions and standards in your PSAC plan and the key considerations involved in making your implementation stage run as smooth as possible. So, by now you’ve implemented your product in code and are able to see it running. What’s our next step? Verification. With numerous activities, conditions, and considerations involved, DO-178C project verification can be, in a word, overwhelming. We’ve written about a few of the activities in DO-178C verification, but Continue Reading > > >

Implementation in DO-178C Projects

Not long ago we showed how cooking and avionics project development have a lot in common. In keeping with culinary concepts, I wanted to take a look at the “the pudding” of Aerospace engineering, i.e. where the proof is. I’m talking, of course, about the implementation phase of the DO-178C project lifecycle. First, a quick note: I was surprised to learn that the saying, “The proof is in the pudding” is actually a recent twist on the original phrase, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” (and I was more surprised to learn that ‘pudding’ referred to the Continue Reading > > >

Join ConsuNova’s New On-Demand Training Portal

Last week, we announced some really big news. The launch of a first in avionics—a revolutionary interactive knowledge base for professionals of all experience levels and specialties, The ConsuNova Avionics On-Demand Training Portal. This interactive video collection offers premium training and educational content for Avionics professionals of all experience levels, all at the click of a button. Available at, this on-demand portal offers over 20 pieces of modularized, focused content based on FAA and EASA rules and regulations. Created by certified DERs and CVEs, content topics cover the full gamut of avionics and aerospace software (DO-178C), hardware (DO-254), systems (ARP 4754A) Continue Reading > > >